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  1. Blushes (4)
  2. Bronzers (3)
  3. Concealers (15)
  4. Eye Brows (9)
  5. Eyeshadows (6)
  6. Foundations (30)
  7. Giftsets (5)
  8. Highlighters (6)
  9. Lip Balms (1)
  10. Lipgloss (13)
  11. Lip Kits (15)
  12. Lip Liner (9)
  13. Lip Mask (2)
  14. Lip Plumper (1)
  15. Lip Scrubs (2)
  16. Lipsticks (16)
  17. Mascara (2)
  18. Primers (5)
  19. Setting Sprays and powders (5)
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Clear
  5. Gold
  6. Multi
  7. Nude
  8. Orange
  9. Pink
  10. Red
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PLT Makeup

Unleash your inner makeup artist with our exclusive range of PrettyLittleThing makeup. No-matter the look you wish to create, you are sure to find the face, lip and eye products here. From high-shine lip-glosses for a kissable look, to shimmering eye pigments and highlighter for those special occasions. For a classic smokey eye, opt for a PrettyLittleThing eyeshadow pallete in dark brown hues, sweep across the lids and finish the look with a black eyeliner pencil and mascara. Or for a fresh everyday look, pair a PrettyLittleThing blusher on the cheeks with a glossy nude lip. Enhancing your natural beauty has never been easier with our soft-to-the-touch makeup brushes and cosmetics. Get that flawless finish with our range of filter-effect foundation and concealers, perfect for snapping up those selfies. Your makeup look wouldn’t be complete without some standout brows doll, so browse our range of brow pencils, pomades and setting gel to instantly define and frame your face. Whether you’re after that “no-makeup makeup” or full glam, for refreshing your makeup bag look no further than PLT cosmetics.

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